Our Story

Founded in 2022 by three passionate wine lovers, ALDAN Wines brings the best of the Napa Valley to South Florida.

ALDAN Wines owner Alfredo Vega between racks of barrels holding a glass of wine

Alfredo Vega is the driving force behind ALDAN Wines. He is joined by his friends, Daniel Borrego and Albert Espinosa. All three built long-term careers in public service. Alfredo spent 37 years on the police force and Daniel 43 years. Albert was a firefighter for 25 years. While they all worked hard to make a positive and lasting impact on their South Florida community, they come from humble beginnings.

An immigrant from Cuba, Alfredo came to the United States at age three when his family fled the Communist regime. While he doesn’t remember much of Cuba, he grew up with the rich heritage and stories passed down from his parents. He met Daniel in the seventh grade and eventually both became law enforcement professionals. While Daniel was born in the United States, his parents also immigrated from Cuba. As a first generation American, he too grew up with the Cuban customs and traditions that his parents brought with them. As a result, Alfredo and Daniel developed an instant friendship that has lasted a lifetime.

In 2012, Alfredo and Daniel met Albert, a firefighter with over two decades of service and who also had an interesting side business of retrofitting police vehicles with special equipment. Like Daniel, Albert was a first generation American with parents who immigrated from Cuba. Between their shared heritage and careers, the three men had much in common.

A love of wine has taken these entrepreneurs all over the world drinking wine and learning that there was more to winemaking than drinking an occasional glass. Regular visits to Napa Valley, the Piedmont area of Italy, Bordeaux France, Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions in Spain touring vineyards, and sampling different wine varietals they discovered a love for bold, full-bodied and sturdy Cabernet Sauvignon red wines with satisfying dark fruit flavors and sophisticated elegance and character. They spent endless working with several top Napa winemakers and creating signature blends that appealed to them. By 2022, ALDAN Wines was born—a name that reflects the founders’ first names.

ALDAN Wines owner Danny Borrego between racks of barrels holding a glass of wine

By collaborating with world-class California vineyards, they create exceptional quality wines with distinct character, complex flavors, and balanced composition.

By focusing on wine tastings, as well as online sales, ALDAN Wines is able to bring the best wines from the lush Napa Valley to consumers directly for an affordable price. Now, with over 100 years combined experience serving the public, Alfredo, Daniel, and Albert of ALDAN Wines are eager to serve you a glass of the very best wines that Napa Valley has to offer.

From our hearts to yours … Cheers!